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Message to Commercial Cow/Calf Operators

Over the last 30+ years I’ve delivered thousands of bulls to cow/ calf operations. The consistent message delivered to me by all serious, profit minded cattle people is “Conception Rates and Calving Ease is job #1!”. Increasing calf percentages per female exposed has the biggest impact on an operations bottom line. Price and pounds are important but fertility and a live calf are the most important factors for profit.

M6 Wagyu bulls are early maturing and aggressive breeders. They have tremendous libido and their fertility is second to none! The quality of their densely concentrated semen is off the chart despite having below industry average scrotal size. “You can take it to the bank” there is something wrong with the female if she turns up “open“ after exposed to Wagyu bulls.

Every cattle operator wants calving heifers to go easier, which contributes to a higher percentage calf crop, and help first calf heifers breed back quicker. That is a major strength of Wagyu genetics. 90% or more of M6 Wagyu bulls are “Heifer Safe“ and the ultimate in calving ease. At M6 we will help producers identify those few borderline “Heifer Safe” bulls so you can make the best management decisions.

Most producers use light muscled, low performing, low BW “calving ease” bulls to breed heifers and sell that product at a discount. Occasionally you can “fool“ the buyer and not suffer a major discount but you will not get a premium. Using M6 Wagyu bulls can get you a premium. Wagyu meat companies consistently offer $.10-$.20 per pound premiums for half-blood Wagyu, provided you follow their protocol. At M6 we will gladly introduce you to some Wagyu meat companies that need a consistent supply and want long term partners.

Pounds are important and Wagyu is an extreme marbling breed and not a heavy muscled breed. The hybrid vigor of a half blood Wagyu is tremendous when crossed with other breeds used in the U.S. The calves will exceed your expectation in terms of weight and type. They will certainly perform with calves sired by other breeds, pure calving ease sires.

We invite you to be another M6 Wagyu bull customer. Fertility, Calving Ease, Premiums, and Heterosis will make your Wagyu experience beneficial to your bottom line”. At M6, we plan to earn your business with the best Wagyu genetics, more data for selection decisions, Spring Turn Out finance plans, bull development after the sale, and helping you connect with the premium Wagyu market.
Unique breed delivers new levels of quality and health benefits!
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