"The market acceptability of our calves sired by M6 bulls has been very gratifying.  We purchased our first bulls in 1998 and plan to continue using M6 bulls as the source for our Charolais bull."
Chris Scharbauer - Four S Ranch, Ltd  Amarillo, Texas

"Our calves out of M6 bulls have tilted the scales at weaning.  they always weigh 650 pounds or better at 7 months with nothing but momma and grass.  We are pleased with M6 and plan to keep using M6 Charolais bulls."
Bill Crain  - Rutherford Ranches,  Pearsall, Texas

"We purchased our first M6 bulls in the 2001 sale.  We have been very pleased with these bulls as they went into service.  The M6 customer service has been exceptional.  We plan to continue using M6 as our Charolais bull source."
Earnest & Stepen Petri  - Petri Ranch & Cattle Co. Madisonville, Texas

"Your partnership plan works!  After your visit with Jansen and his family in Florida they have purchased over 90 bred females.  Your friendship, customer service, and cattle are unmatched.  They will need three herd sires this fall.  Help me pick them out.  I need more Gain and Grade calves they are by far my best calves."
Joe Garcia - River Oaks Ranch - Georgia

"I have only been managing Charolais sales for a few years and I want you to know that it has been a pleasure working with you.  Thank you for supporting and consigning GOOD cattle to our South East Prime Sale in Georgia and a Texas sized thanks for finding a home for 18 bulls at the Carolina Sensation Sale.  I look forward to your sale this fall."
Mike Jones - Georgia

"I have vigorously culled my herd and you might want to know that the best cows I own have come from previous M6 sales.  Thanks again for selling my better bulls private treaty.  I am sold on your cattle and service."
Scott Schnurbush  - Triple S Charolais  - Missouri
"Our M6-sired calves have been very well accepted on the Superior Livestock Video Auction.  We believe that the progressive thinking of Kevin Moore will keep our program on the cutting edge.  The customer service we have received from M6 is second to none."
Sonny Baldwin - Baldwin Agriland Ranch Co., Madisonville, Texas

"We have been extremely pleased with the adaptability of our M6 bulls.  The calves are outstanding and have performed beyond our expectations!  We are convinced that there is added value in the M6 Charolais bulls and will continue to use them in our terminal cross program."
George & Todd Turner  - Turner Farms Anahuac, Texas

"I appreciate you coming to Arkansas and visiting with Randy.  He later bought 20 females from us.  I need more good females.  See you at your sale."
Paul Cox - Cox Charolais - Arkansas

We look forward to selling the added lot of embryos at your up coming sale.  By the way, I’m sure the Texas breeders appreciated you buying over 20 lots at the previous CAT bull and female sale.  Also, thanks for helping us sell some of our other bulls private treaty.  We plan on working with you in the future."
Ralph Harlan - Harlan Charolais - Austin, TX

"I am proud to be apart of the M6 partnership plan.  Thank you for going out of your way and helping me sell over 50 females.  You explaining the partnership agreement with the bank helped the buyer get financing."
Bruce Bush - Bush Farms - Alabama

"Thanks for bidding on my bulls in the Colomb & Guest Bull Sale.  We all appreciated you moving over 20 bulls to a new home."
Cordell Dartezz  -  Louisiana

"Your Support of small breeders will not go unnoticed!  Thank you for your help at several sales this past spring and especially for moving 20 bulls for us at the Tennessee Association sale.  The breed needs more people like you."
Bob Morton  -  Tennessee