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         Jack was born into the cattle business on the high plains of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.  His dad loved his cattle and settled on a portion of the famous XIT Ranch and his cowboy days started before fencing in that country.  Jack’s early experiences of working with his father, local farmers and ranchers as well as his brother-in-law in selecting feeder cattle for feedyards instilled a dream of practical beef cattle ranching that could not be shaken.  College, Air Force, Korean War, Marriage, Family, and a career with Mobil Oil and Health Care could not get ranching and beef cattle out of his blood.

         In the early 60’s Jack and Jo Anne, and their children relocated to Fort Worth, Texas.  The trees, grass, rainfall, and rolling hills looked plentiful to a young family coming from Amarillo, Texas.  Land was purchased, fences were built, grasses were planted, and modest facilities were constructed, pastures were stocked with Hereford cows and the roots of the M6 Ranch began to grow near Alvarado, Texas. The brand took its shape because the Moore's family ranch started with six members:  Jack and Jo Anne, four children-Lisa, Shelly, Kevin, and Karen.  The family, ranch, and cattle have multiplied but it remains M6.

M6 Mission
Jesus said (Luke 10:27) the greatest commandment is to love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself.  Our mission is to serve our Lord and serve our fellow man by raising the most efficient, quality beef cattle possible through our God-given resources, skills and discipline while we serve God’s most precious creation – People with honor, fairness and beef… 
         In the early days Hereford cows were mated to Angus and Brahma bulls producing F1’s and the baldies and brafords were bred back to Herefords.  In 1970 the first Charolais bulls were purchased to put on F1 cows and the results were so profitable that the Moores never looked back.  In 1974 a small purebred herd was purchased and the selection process began.  In the 1980’s the M6 operation began seriously focusing on the registered cattle more than the commercial.  Also in the 80's the use of AI and embryo transfer technology were introduced in the M6 ranch management.  The Moores tried to make every Charolais sale, and show in Texas, and most of the major shows and sales in the US and Canada.  M6 had its first annual club calf (steers & heifers) production sale in 1982 and its first annual purebred Charolais production sale in 1986.  The rest is history.  Jack and Jo Anne's involvement in the Charolais breed raised the quality of beef cattle production to a new standard.

          Jack Moore also has served as AICA President for two terms, 12 years as AICA Director, and on numerous AICA and NCA (NCBA) committees.  He has also served the Charolais Association of Texas and many other state and local ag related organizations as President and/or Director.  However his greatest love besides his faith and family is the land.  The Soil and Water Conservation District recently honored him for 25 years of conservation practices and leadership.  Jack and Jo Anne are still active in day to day farming and ranching activities when their grandchildren aren’t bossing them around.